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Changing Your Pets Diet

Changing Your Pets Diet


When you change your pets food remember this needs to be a gradual process and should be done over a period of 7 to 10 days to minimise the chances of upset stomachs leading to diarrhoea,vomiting, constipation etc.

•For the first three days mix 25% of the new diet with 75% of the old diet.  If all ok then
•For the next three days mix 50% of the new diet with 50% of the old diet.
•On day 7 increase the new diet to 75% with 25% of the old diet for a further three days.
•By the 10th day as long as your pet is happy with the new diet they can be fed 100% on the new food.

Once your pet has been eating the new diet for over a month they should be showing signs of a healthy shining coat, brighter eyes, good bodily condition and an increase in vitality.