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Feeding Your Rabbit

Feeding Your Rabbit

Rabbits require high levels of fibre in there diet for efficient gut movement and to encourage chewing to keep their continually growing teeth trim. Feeding good quality hay alongside a prepared pet food is always advised.

Listed below are a few top tips on feeding your rabbit

Ensure your rabbit has plenty of hay– it is the best form of fibre for rabbits and is a great substitute for the grass they would eat in the wild.

Provide them with access to dried or fresh grass.

Feed leafy vegetables– good for their teeth!

Include a few root vegetables (but go easy on the carrots which actually aren’t that good for rabbits!)

Always provide access to fresh water – they like it best from a metal tipped feeding bottle, check the bottle regularly to make sure it’s working properly and clean it often.

Buy specialist rabbit food – ask your vet or pet shop for advice.

As a treat feed carrot tops – but only a few because they’re loaded with calcium and your rabbit doesn’t need too much of that.

DON’T give them sticky or sugary treats – a real no-no for their teeth.

Rabbits are quite sensitive so if you change their food do so gradually.

Rabbits can get fat quickly if they’re not eating the right food or taking enough exercise.

Rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas have teeth which grow continually, if fed unsuitable foods they fail to wear the teeth sufficiently and this leads  painful dental conditions such as malocclusions (misalignment of the teeth).