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Poisons and Toxins for Chickens

Poisons and Toxins for Chickens

Most  poultry  will  avoid  eating  poisonous  plants  due  to  their  bitter  taste  but  chickens are  at  risk  from  laburnum  seeds,  potato  sprouts,  black  nightshade,  henbane,  most irises,  privet,  rhubarb  leaves,  rhododendron, oleander,  yew,  castor  bean,  sweet  pea, rapeseed, corn  cockle,  clematis,  common  St. John’s Wort, meadow  buttercup, vetch, ragwort and  some fungi.

Blue-green algae  is  quickly fatal,  so  water containers should be  kept  clean,  especially  in  hot  weather  and  access  to  stagnant  water  should  be prevented.

Phenol-based  disinfectants  are  toxic,  as  is  zinc  from  rusty  galvanised drinkers.

Access  to lead (old paint) should be prevented.