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Equine America Turmeric Xtra


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Equine America Turmeric Xtra is a special blend of high quality Turmeric that typically contains at least 3% of the active curcumin. It also contains a highly palatable full fat linseed meal. Added to the blend, this means there is no need to add Linseed (flax) Oil.

Finally. Cracked black pepper. This contains the active compound piperine, which is also added to the mix. As a result, the high levels of oil, not only provide important omega 3 fatty acids. But also the piperine, that comes from the black pepper, enhances the absorption of the curcumin and other nutrients into the blood stream. This complete mixture of Turmeric Extra is thought to support the immune and digestive system.

Widely used to offer support to the joints, skin, digestion and also the liver. Turmeric Xtra is is ready to use and contains a fully balanced mixture of stable ingredients.

The recent formulation is New & Improved and now this special blend of Turmeric is ready to use and fully balanced. Containing full fat linseed mean and contains ingredients which as a result helps with maximum absorption.

The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. This specific phytochemical is known for its positve results on in the body.

– Anti-Inflammatory, it works by significantly reducing the inflammatory pathways in the body.
– Liver Detoxifier
– Anti-oxidant

Equine America Turmeric is Ready To Use. Therefore no Mixing Necessary!!

Size: 3kg Pot – Up to 57 Days Supply!

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