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Faecal Egg Count Kit


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How to use faecal egg counts?
Faecal egg counts are used as part of your horses worming programme to monitor the worm burden, commonly between 2-5 times per year
By using faecal egg counts you can build up a picture of a horses worm burden, you can then worm only the horses that require treatment.
Test all new horses, especially if the worming history is unknown
Colic research has linked the occurrence of colic with both tapeworm and small redworm burdens (Ulinger 1990; Proudman et al. 1998).

How the service works
A FRESH dung sample from each horse that is to be tested is required. Place the sample in the container provided and with the accompanying submission form send to the laboratory in the prepaid envelope provided.
On arrival at the laboratory we will test the sample twice to ensure we have gained the most accurate result. We will then contact you with the results and recommend further action if it is required.
With this information you can then take the most suitable action for your horse or pony.

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