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Farmyard Layers Pellets + Flubenvet 10Kg


Worming – the best policy

  • WORM before putting chickens out to pasture.
  • WORM all new birds.
  • WORM every 3 months – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
  • WORM more frequently as recommended by a vet or animal health advisor if a worm problem is suspected.

Where can worm eggs and Larvae be found?

  • On contaminated soil or bedding material.
  • Inside earthworms, insects and wild birds (intermediate hosts).
  • Stuck to footwear, equipment and even cats and dogs.


It is almost impossible to completely prevent parasitic worms but there are certain good practices that can help:

  • Always feed from feeders rather than direct on the ground.
  • If possible, always move your poultry to clean grass on a regular basis.
  • Avoid muddy areas. Put down pea shingle in strategic areas to clean feet and allow droppings to dry.
  • Keep grass short to expose worm eggs to sunlight which destroys them.

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This Product is a legally controlled animal medicine.

We will call you for your and your animals details before this item can be dispatched.

Marriage’s Poultry Feed With Flubenvet (Layers Pellets with wormer)

This is a complete medicated feed with Flubenvet mixed into 17% protein Layers Pellets. Farmyard layers pellets with flubenvet premixed is the easy way to worm your laying hens. No more mixing chicken wormer in with the feed – just feed  as you would a normal pellet.

Marriage Layers Pellets with Flubenvet are effective against gapeworm, large roundworm, caecal worm, hairworm and gizzard worm. To be fed solely for 7 consecutive days. Withdraw feed 7 days before slaughter. Zero withdrawal period for eggs.

You will need to buy the same amount that your poultry would consume in a week on normal layers pellets. As a quick example, 1kg per bird or one 10kg bag for 10 birds over a week.

This product has a short shelf life due to the process in which the medication is added so it is recommended that you only purchase when you are ready to use it.

Additional information

Weight 10.5 kg

Wheat 20%, Wheatfeed 20%, Sunflower ext., 10% Maize 10%, Minerals 8.6%, Peas 8%, Barley 7.5% Praire meal 5%, Beans 5%,Lucerne 2%, Hipro Soya 2.2% Vegetable Fat, 1.5% Vitamin 0.6% Phyzyme XP4000 0,007% giving 300 FTU/kg 3-phytase (IUBNO: EC 3.1.38), 1.2kg Flubenvet medicated premix (VM00242/4056) added per tonne giving 30mg/kg Flubendazole in the finished feed as a broad spectrum anthelmintic.