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Outdoor Treadle Action Feeder


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This clever feeder is designed to prevent vermin from accessing feed intended for chickens or ducks.

The mechanism is operated when a bird stands on the treadle, opening the hatch and allowing feed to trickle into the pan.

This prevents surplus food from lying around and attracting vermin in the first place, and the treadle is balanced so that it is only operated by a weight of more than five hundred grammes, so even if a rat stands on the plate, it will not be heavy enough to activate it.

This minimum activation weight also prevents feral pigeons and some smaller grey squirrels from feeding.

Made from galvanised steel, this long lasting feeder can hold up to 10kg of feed and is easily filled by removing the simple lid.

The item is not fully weatherproof, but it does work well in sheltered or semi-outdoor conditions

Capacity: 10Kg

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Weight 5 kg