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Silvermoor Chicken Peckers


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Silvermoor Peckers are a feed material for poultry to be fed in conjunction with their current diet.

The unique design should be hung at head height to make best use of the product and promote natural pecking behaviour.

Silvermoor Peckers enrich hens’ environment and enhance bird welfare by encouraging natural activity and relieving stress which decreases the risk of injurious pecking.

Made up of alfalfa, Silvermoor Peckers provide a good source of dietary fibre to promote gut health.

They also promote natural behaviour, reduce stress and feather loss.

Silvermoor Peckers are long lasting and 100% natutral

Size: 1kg

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg

Dried Lucerne, Binding agent

Nutritional Analysis

crude Protein 11%, Crude Fibre 37%


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