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Simple System Lucie Brix


Premium lucerne compressed into 1kg blocks

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Simple System Lucie Brix are forage blocks made up of premium Lucerne that has been compressed into 1kg bricks.

These can be fed whole and dry to mimic grazing during winter periods or other times of prolonged stabling.

This is a convenient solution to getting more fibre into your horse.

Great for occupying bored horses, those with ulcers, makes it easy for you to portion out feed.

Simple System Lucie Brix are not suitable for elderly or dentally challenged horses.

Size: 20 x 1Kg

Additional information

Weight 20.5 kg

Dried lucerne

Nutritional Analysis

Oil % 2 – 4 Ash % 6 – 8 Crude Protein % 14 – 18 Crude Fibre % 25 – 35 Sugar % <7 Starch % <5