chicken facts
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Some Chicken Facts

A common misconception; hens do not need a cockeral to lay an egg, only to fertilise one.

  • A chicken is called a pullet until it is a year old; when they reach a year old they become hens.
  • Pullets start laying eggs at about six months old.
  • Chickens live approximately eight to ten years depending on their enviroment.
  • There are more chickens in the world then people.
  • Cockerels don’t just crow at dawn, they crow all day long.
  • Chickens with red ear lobes lay brown eggs and those with white ear lobes lay white eggs.
  • A chicken can lay more than 600 eggs in her first two years.
  • Eggshells have a natural outer coating that keeps bacteria out.
  • Straw is the best kind of litter for the coop.
  • You can encourage hens to lay eggs in the nest box by placing a golf ball or plastic egg in the nest.
  • Chickens need 14-16 hours of light each day in order to lay.